“Work rules” aren’t taught in school but we must LEARN them to be successful. Don’t be the co-worker no one wants on their team and who’s disposable in lean times.

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You must effectively ENGAGE with others for the greatest success in your business & career. The depth and value of your network is your net worth. Build your safety net.

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Building & maximizing your network isn’t just engaging with others.  It’s also ATTRACTING the right people, at the right time, with the right resources, to help propel you to the next level.

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Maturing professionally includes being ready, willing, and able to DEVELOP others & giving back. Curiosity (exploring & learning) gives way to generosity – helping others win too.

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Where are you at in your business or career?
Where are you going? Where do you want to be?

Discover HOW to improve each of these areas by browsing our blog and taking courses. Then, APPLY what you learning by actually DOING IT through participation in our Community, Groups, and Mentoring / Volunteering opportunities.

Professional Success Evolution v2

Not sure where you stand or if Komo2o can help you?

Can you identify with one of the professionals below?

Click on their pic to learn more & see their LEAD score. Take the quiz below & see where you rank!

Julie has a degree but doesn't know what to do after graduation

I’ve got the degree but now what do I do? I feel lost and terrified and I don’t have a plan.

Ben - needs to learn to network

If someone else could do the selling and closing, I’d be the best accountant in the US.


I wish I could keep my network! What if I can’t repeat my success & let everyone down?

Keith - what if I can't be a super leader like I am a super employee

I’ve always been the rockstar on the team – the super achiever – what if I can’t be a super leader too?

Jenny needs to know how to build a loyal fan base

Without fashion who am I? I need to learn to get customers so I can compete with BCBG & not fail.

Clay wants to be an entrepreneur

I could create the next Uber and be rich with tons of freedom. But what if I can’t make my ideas work?


Take our getting started quiz to determine where you are on the LEAD matrix and discover where you need additional education and training!

Whether you need information on LEARN-ing about the world of work; ENGAGE-ing your co-workers, bosses, and clients; ATTRACT-ing clients, customers, and an extended professional network; and/or DEVELOP-ing yourself and your career to the next level; we’ve got the help you need!
Once you figure out where you stand in each area, then use our blog, KnowledgeBase, and tool recommendations to get on the road to where you want to be. Learn why your network is your net work so you can become the master of your ecosystem.


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