Instructions for Creating Your Account & Profile

Using the Komo2o Community

All Komo2o Community functions begin in the top, right, of the website under “Account”.

  1. In the top, right, locate “Account
  2. Choose the fourth item, “Register / Log In
  3. Register if you have not yet done so – just following the onscreen prompts and completing the entry fields OR Log In
K2 community getting started

Once you have registered or logged in, you are taken to your Dashboard.  The first thing you will do is set up your profile picture and your cover image.

  1. On your dashboard, click on “Upload Avatar” [blue #1] (Note: If you used an email with Gravatar set up, your Gravatar image will already appear as your Avatar OR if you signed up with Facebook, your Facebook profile image will appear; in either case, you can still change the image by clicking on “Upload Avatar”)
  2. Now, you will see the screen that allows you to either drag your Avatar image over OR upload it from your computer or a jump drive
  3. After you upload your image, it will let you crop it if desired
  4. Save the image
  5. Repeat these steps for “Upload Background” [blue #2]
  6. When you have finished uploading your avatar and background, in the top left of your Dashboard, click “See Public Profile” [blue #3]
Komo2o community dashboard
Komo2o community set profile pic
upload avatar

If you ever want or need to add to your profile – or change your email address and/or password – that can all be done from your Dashboard.

  1. On your dashboard, click on “Profile” to edit your public profile information like name, display name, brief description, bio, website, and social profiles
  2. On your dashboard, click on “Settings” to change your email address or password
  3. On your dashboard, click on “Account” to close your account
screenshot maintenance 01
screenshot maintenance 03
screenshot maintenance 02

You can receive and send messages within the community.

  • You can send from any individual’s profile.
  • You can receive messages from the Administrator or other members.
  • You can go to your messages from your profile or access them from the Dashboard.

To send messages: Access your “My Friends” [blue number 1] tab in the Dashboard. Select the friend and go to their profile. At the top of their profile click on “Send Message”.

To receive messages: Click on “My Messages” [blue number 2] in the Dashboard.

Komo2o receive messages
Komo2o receive messages

Making new friends in the Komo2o community is very simple.

  1. In the top, right, of the website under “Account“, select “Members Directory
  2. On the next screen, the members will appear under a search box. You can page through them and select new friends to send requests to OR you can enter a name in the search box to find a specific person
  3. When the person you searched for appears (or on any member profile that appears), you can select to send a friend request OR view the profile of the individual first
  4. If you viewed the profile first, at the top of their profile, you can send them a message, follow them (watch what they post without sending a friend request) OR send them a friend request
Screenshot making friend 03
Screenshot making friend 02
Screenshot making friend 01

There are two places you can see your friends requests – on the front of your profile or in your Dashboard.

On your profile:

  • The far right icon on the top, right, of the profile cover is the “Friend Requests” icon.
  • Click on that icon and it will take you to the back end of your profile where you can see and respond to friend requests.

From the Dashboard:

  • If there are friend requests, there will be a red number beside the “My Friends” tab.
  • Click on that tab.
  • Your friend requests will appear.
  • You can “Accept” or “Deny” requests.
  • Even after you have accepted a friend request, you can later come back to the “My Friends” tab in your Dashboard and block them should the need arise.
Komo2o community friends
Komo2o community friends 2
Komo2o community friends 3
Komo2o community friends 4

Adding photos is optional. Of course, however, it helps others to get to know you better and will enhance the level of connection.

  1. Click on “My Photos” [blue #1] back on the Dashboard
  2. A new box will pop up – click on “Create Gallery” [blue #2]
  3. Name your gallery, give it a description, then click “Submit
  4. Drag over or upload your first photo
  5. When it has uploaded or moved completely, click on the pencil icon and change the name and description as desired (your profile will look better if you create shorter image names).
  6. Repeat the above steps 4 & 5 to drag over or upload all the photos you want for this gallery; you can come back and add more later as well
  7. When you have finished uploading or dragging all the photos desired, click on the star icon on the picture you wish to be your gallery album cover
Komo2o community upload photos 1
Komo2o community upload photos 3
Komo2o community add photos 4
Komo2o community add photos 5
Komo2o community add photos 6

To add videos to your profile, come back to your Dashboard.

Good videos to add are ones that show your personality and/or professional videos for your company or business. It’s always nice to add a video introduction too!

  1. Click on “My Videos
  2. Go to YouTube or Vimeo and click on “Share” – Copy the share link
  3. Come back to the community and enter a title for your video, the share URL you copied, and from the drop down menu select YouTube or Vimeo
  4. Click Submit
Komo2o community add video 1
Komo2o community add video 2
Komo2o community add video 3